How can I become familiar with the academic literature in cybersecurity?



The academic literature in cybersecurity is vast because it can be found in so many disciplines, from law to computer science to international relations and economics. Here are some starting points:

First, searching for “cybersecurity” might be too narrow. You may need to use terms such as “privacy.”

For searching the legal field, the SSRN Information Privacy Law eJournal is a great place to start. It archives thousands of articles in the field. Also check out the Cybersecurity, Data Privacy & eDiscovery eJournal. Note that articles on SSRN are often drafts (think ArXiv), and tend to be on the recent end. Historical articles are available in legal databases.

For computer science, the most relevant places to start are ACM Digital library (cybersecurity literature can appear in many journals–ACM SIGCHI, SOUPS, S&P, USENIX, CSCW, UbiComp, ACM Transaction on Privacy and Security, TOCHI, WEIS, PETS, WWW, USEC, ACM DIS) and IEEE Xplore. We’re fans of IEEE’s Security & Privacy Magazine.

In other scholarly domains, cybersecurity-relevant literature can appear in so many different journals that we think the best places to start are Google Scholar and JSTOR.

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