What Bay Area events are relevant to cybersecurity?

San Francisco is home to one of the biggest industry conferences on cybersecurity: RSA. This is a massive event that is great for networking, and it has a student event known as College Day. We regularly receive free RSA passes for enrolled students, so check in with us about it. CLTC also maintains a RSA presence and has passes for the event. Note: Many professional groups (e.g. WISP) offer scholarships for students to attend some of the conferences listed below.  Security BSides is typically scheduled around RSA, and offers a more intimate look at academic/commercial work in cybersecurity. Discounted student passes are also available.  The Women in Tech Symposium is an annual conference focusing on the experiences of women in a particular technology field; the 2019 event was focused on cybersecurity and the proceedings are online here. Day of Shecurity is a one-day event advocating the inclusion of women & diversification of cybersecurity. The IEEE Computer Society’s Technical Committee on Security and Privacy hosts the annual Symposium on Security and Privacy, and is among the leading academic events in security. * CCS (http://www.acm.org/sigsac/ccs.html) * NDSS (https://www.ndss-symposium.org/) PEPR (USENIX Conference on Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect) is held annually in Santa Clara. Be sure to sign up for the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s lunch talks and other events, as well as the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity’s events. Other Conferences outside of the Bay Area: